Our new website has the manufacturers down the left-hand side of every page in the web shop. Just click on a manufacturer's catalog and any sub-catalogs will be displayed. If there are no more sub-catalogs a list of products will be displayed. You can click on any of the 'You are Here' links to jump to that catalog or sub-catalog. There is a search option available on any page at the top right section. If you want to look for all buildings in the web shop, just use the search option and enter 'building'. Once you have added everything to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart at the very top right-hand of the page. You will notice that as you add items to your shopping cart, at the very top right-hand banner of the page, it indicates how many items are in your shopping cart and the total amount. Once you have opened your shopping cart, you may adjust your shopping cart. Once the shopping cart indicates what you want to purchase, click on the Checkout at the bottom right of that screen. Your credit card that you use during checkout is not charged until the items actually ship. Please read the note below about multiple credit cards.


Please review our terms pages. To navigate to the terms page, the link is in the white banner on any page on the website.


Yes, we still have them. The lowest discount will be before our pre-order deadline on locomotives and rolling stock. That deadline will be on the bottom of the description for each item.


The blue banners on the top and bottom of the page have a link to your orders. You must first create a profile, using the e-mail address you used on your orders.  All orders are linked by e-mail address.  Once a profile is created, just click on the 'login' or the 'view orders' and a secure window will appear showing all orders placed. You may want to check out the FAQs as well. You can find a link to FAQa in the blue banner at the bottom of the page.


We are loading all of the products that we have in stock as fast as we can. However, we can only load about 500 items a week. If you would like to order something specific, please e-mail us at and we will try to load that specific item so you can order it from this website.


Why a shopping cart? Many customers had difficulty with the copy and paste concept.  No really, the main reason was to make it easier on the customer and to meet the new identity theft laws.  Your credit card is encrypted per the new guidelines.  This makes it safer for you and for us.


Due to the new identity theft laws that went into effect on January 1st, we can only keep one credit card on file. Each time you put in a new credit card in the shopping cart, it replaces the previous one on file. The credit card that is on file at the time of shipping, is the one used for all items in that shipment. If you need to use multiple credit cards, you must contact us and there is a special $10 charge for each additional credit card and this service. These laws were put into effect by Congress to protect your identity and we have no control over these laws, but must implement them.