The best discount is offered from announcement date until our stated pre-order discount date. The pre-order discount date is listed on the release information and in each item's description. The next best discount is from the pre-order discount date until the items arrive at our shop. Once the items arrive at our shop, the in-stock price with the least discount applies.

The reasons for the three discounts is to encourage pre-orders. We fill our orders by date. Manufacturers take the orders placed by the pre-order deadline to place their orders with the manufacturer. We can only guess on how much to order over the number of pre-orders. Since we don't own a crystal ball, we are often incorrect. To ensure you receive the products you want, be sure to order by the pre-order deadline.

Invalid Credit Card Numbers and Declined Charges

We need an e-mail address and phone number to contact you in case your Credit Card declines your purchase. Please be certain that you provide an accurate account number. If the charge is declined for an invalid account number or simply declined we will make ONE attempt to contact you. If we are not able to contact you or get the charge cleared within 10 days of the initial attempt, we will return the product to stock.


If an item is less than you hoped for but is what the manufacturer produced, the warranty is with the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be contacted. Most manufacturers have a repair or replacement policy within 90 days of purchase. Also, most want you to return the item directly to them. This reduces the time involved in resolving the problem (getting you happy) and wasted shipping charges.


In ALL cases contact us before sending anything back. Any return will be assessed a 20% re-stock charge and will be given in the form of store credit, unless the error is our error.
Do not return any item to us without authorization by either Debra or George. No other person has the authority to authorize a return.

If you change your mind about wanting a reserved item before it ships to us and we can adjust our order, no-problem. However once the item ships to us, or our order is locked in there will be a 20% re-stock charge on any cancellation or return. Items in scales other than N or Z scales (and MTL HOn3) are considered Special Order and are non-cancellable, non-returnable.

When we goof - (it happens -- we're human) we may elect to send you a check to refund any overcharge and the shipping cost for the item sent in error. For regular customers we credit the overcharge to future purchases. In some cases it is cheaper to credit you with a refund and you keep the item so we occasionally do that.

Multiple Credit Card Numbers

We can only keep one credit card on file.  Our system can only keep one credit card on file (due to the identity theft rules in our system). Once you put a new credit card in the system, that credit card will be used for all charges in the future.  If you want a specific item to be charged to a specific credit card, you must contact us and there is a charge associated with this special handling.

Shipping Terms

For Shipping Terms, please go to the Shipping Terms Page.