Shipping Charges

Our Shipping costs are what we are charged by the carrier (USPS). We add a whopping one dollar for packaging materials (bubble-wrap, peanuts, labels).

Shipping Method

We ship by United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. USPS sends the customer tracking information when the shipping label is processed. To estimate the cost to your zip code please see the USPS website postage calculator then enter our zip code: 87107, your zip code and a weight. Insurance is strongly recommended on orders over $50 for your protection. Insurance is an election you make.

International Order Shipping

We ship by Global Priority Mail unless we can use First Class Mail International. For some countires the maximum limit for First Class Mail International is 2 pounds and some countires the maximum limit is 4 pounds. If you choose insurance, shipping will always be by Global Priority Mail..

Insurance and Damages in Route

Please understand that every that item we send is securely packed. As appropriate, items are wrapped individually in bubble wrap. Then they are boxed and the box is filled with packing "bubbles" or "peanuts". Occasionally (about one in 1000 shipments) a package is damaged by the carrier.

If damage occurs in shipping and you did not elect insurance, we cannot replace the item. If you elected insurance, then you must file a claim with the USPS or your country's postal service.


Hold for Shipping

It is an option you elect. We will charge but hold all of your orders for up to 45 days in order for other stock to arrive. We will not charge for the shipping until the package goes out the door. Once you request 'Hold for Shipping', it applies to all orders. Please request it in the shipping instructions.