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NRM-40018-10 Blue Point Turnout Controller (10-pack)  All Scales  Available

NRM-40018-10 Blue Point Turnout Controller (10-pack)
Retail Price: $129.95
Current Price: $103.96

Product details

The R/C pushrod shown in the photograph is a 2-56 threaded rod with a nylon clevis screwed onto the end. Both of these are made by Dubro and are available at most hobby shops that sell R/C airplane parts. The clevis is Dubro part number 228, and the threaded rod is part number 378 for 12" rod. For a knob we drilled a hole through a plastic knob and held it to the rod with locking 2-56 nuts. Using a stiff threaded rod works well for short runs. For longer runs, we recommend using a flexible push-pull tube, such as the Gold-N-Rod made by Sullivan Products. These come in 3' and 4' lengths, but can be cut shorter very easily. If you use a flexible push-pull tube, you will need to anchor the outer tube to the bench work at both ends so it can't move. We've also had a number of questions about using the Blue Points under 2" thick foam. The simple answer is yes, they work great. The tension and throw adjustment slider provides more than enough range to handle long runs of spring wire. We include .032" diameter spring steel wire with the product, which is quite rigid. You can also slip a brass tube over wire that extends through the foam to provide more power at the throw bar, if needed. Specs We've designed the Blue Point Turnout Control to operate turnouts in scales from N through O. The electrical contacts are double pole, double throw (DPDT) rated at 5 amps, so they have plenty of capacity to power a frog or just about anything else you'll want to drive. When the switch is in one position, contact 5 is connected to contact 4, and contact 2 is connected to contact 1. Move the switch to the other position and now 5 is connected to 6 and 2 is connected to 3. Made in the USA