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NRM-12013 Passenger & Freight Shelter Kit  All Scales  N Scale

NRM-12013 Passenger & Freight Shelter Kit
Retail Price: $19.95
Current Price: $15.96

Product details

Before the 1950s and the advent of our national highway system, travel by rail was very popular. Small towns or small stops that didn’t warrant a full station would often have a small passenger shelter instead of a full-blown station.

This structure represents a small passenger shelter that includes a small freight storage room as well.

Key benefits

  1. Tab and slot construction simplifies assembly and provides perfect alignment each time.
  2. Ultra Asphalt Shingles™ come as a peel and stick sheet with a photographic image of rows of shingles. These fool even the best of modelers, and are much easier to apply than individual rows.