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STL-DRS EMD Diesel Repair Shop  N Scale 

STL-DRS EMD Diesel Repair Shop
Retail Price: $149.95
Current Price: $119.96

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EMD Diesel Repair Shop - Footprint 7.5" x 12.5"

Front Views

Side Views

measurements & specs

When EMD started offering their First Generation Diesels to start the Transition Era......they also started including sometime during the same period basic building specifications to the purchasing Railroads when they took delivery of their new units. These guidelines were meant to help them design facilities to service the new Diesel units.
Most of the railroads that chose to build repair facilities used these spec recommendations to build various sized repair facilities to their structural specifications.One of the major design features of this kit is the Laser Cut Brick Panels on the Exterior Walls. These panels as well as the Laser Cut pillars dividing the Brick Panels all mount on a Sub Wall that is Laser etched to guide the assembly process.

Kit Features:

  • The already mentioned Laser Cut
    Building Components
  • Interior Walkways in the service area
  • Man and Loading Doors
  • Grandt Line Windows
  • Cast Roof Vents.

Also included in the kit is a add-on Annex building cut from material resembling poured Concrete Tilt-up walls. It also has a Railhead Dock & separate Truck Loading Door for delivery of Parts & Supplies.