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FWW-67 Central Illinois Rails - Volume 2 - 1950's - 1970's  All Scales  Available

FWW-67 Central Illinois Rails - Volume 2 - 1950's - 1970's
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Central Illinois Rails - Volume 2 - 1950's - 1970's

J. David Ingles and R.R. “Dick” Wallin

Hardcover, 144 page

Following up their Volume 1, the authors have again raided their extensive color-slide files for this 144-page volume, which boasts over 400 color photographs and includes diesels from over 30 railroads. Extending their coverage to Galesburg for more CB&Q and Santa Fe scenes, and adding two Photo Galleries of Cabooses and Small-Town depots. Most images are from the ‘classic’ 1960s; some are from the ’70s, and a few are from the late ’40s, ’50s, and early ’80s. Passenger trains of 15 railroads are included. First-generation diesels predominate, but steam of 7 locomotive types is seen on 5 Class 1 roads. Also featured 1940s and 1950s action views and shop scenes of Illinois Terminal electrics. Also included is a two-page map of the region.