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FWW-15 EMD's Classic Cowl Units (F45, FP45, F40C, etc)  All Scales  Available

FWW-15 EMD's Classic Cowl Units (F45, FP45, F40C, etc)
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Electro-Motive Division's Classic Cowl Units

By Sean Graham-White

The most famous second generation diesel locomotives were, without a doubt, Electro-Motive Division’s Classic Cowl Units. Santa Fe began it all with the introduction of FP45′s for the their famous passenger trains. These were followed by a freight version, the F45, which went to the Great Northern and, later the Burlington Northern. There were FP45′s for the Milwaukee Road, Amtrak SDP40F’s, EMD test units, and commuter F40C’s. This book features them all – in color too!