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TCS-1548-TS4 Model Railroad Speedometer - 4 locations  All Scales  Available

TCS-1548-TS4 Model Railroad Speedometer - 4 locations
Retail Price: $143.95
Current Price: $136.76

Product details

TainSpeed4 - This device is designed to measure the scale speed of locomotives or train cars that past by it. Two small light sensors mounted discretely between the ties are used to record the speed of anything passing over them and then the device calculates and displays the corresponding scale speed on a 4 digit display.
The Trainspeed4 includes everything necessary to monitor train speeds at 4 different locations on your layout.

Dimensions: 3.42"x2.24"x0.91" or 86.8mm x 57.1mm x 23.1mm    

Make speed matching a breeze with an accurate reading of scale MPH or KPH.