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GCL-108 N Tower B12 Circa 2000 Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-108 N Tower B12 Circa 2000 Kit

Footprint: 2-11/16 x 1-19/32 x 2-9/32"
A great trackside structure for a busy junction or crossing! Kit includes 113 laser-cut pieces; two floor sections; laser-cut rolled roof sheathing with hidden alignment grid and trusses; etched siding; etched chimney assembly with decorative cap; two etched entry doors with casing; 18 laser-cut window sash and mutton details with casing; laser-cut corner trim; laser-cut stair with railings and open stringer treads; acetate glazing and sheet paper roofing material.

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GCL-3021 N Freight Depot w/Non-Trussed Walls Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-3021 N Freight Depot w/Non-Trussed Walls Kit

Footprint: 6-15/16 x 2-13/16 x 2-1/8"

Perfect for almost any modeling era, this structure packs a lot of detail in a compact space. Kit includes 109 laser-cut pieces; notched inter-locking walls; floor sections for squaring structure; etched horizontal siding; four each freight and entry doors; 20 laser-cut windows; six roof sheathing pieces with decorative trusses at the roof line; three chimney assemblies and laser-cut shingles.

  • Retail Price: $31.99 
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GCL-304 N Ellis Barn & Silo Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-304 N Ellis Barn & Silo Kit

Footprint: 6-5/8 x 5-1/8 x 4-7/16"
Dress-up any rural area with this handsome set of structures! Kit includes 170-laser cut parts to build both the barn and silo and a small outside tool/coal box.

  • Retail Price: $59.99 
  • Current Price: $47.99 
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GCL-305 N M&J Service Station Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-305 N M&J Service Station Kit

Footprint: 5-3/8 x 4-3/16 x 1-15/16"
You'll find lots of ways to use this building along your layout. With appropriate vehicles and figures (sold separately) it will make a great used car dealership, body shop, trucking terminal garage and much more. Walls and chimney are laser-etched to simulate cinder block construction. Includes 34 laser-cut parts.

  • Retail Price: $36.99 
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GCL-3061 N Icing Platform Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-3061 N Icing Platform Kit

Footprint: 11-7/8" x 1-7/16" x 1-7/16"

In the days of ice-cooled reefers, large docks like these were often seen at the edges of yards and along the mainline. Kit includes 17 laser-cut bent assemblies with sway braces, a laser-etched deck with wheel tracks for ice carts, plus three ladders, railings, stairs, braces and spacers. Can be enlarged with Icing Platform Add-On (#3062), sold separately.

  • Retail Price: $29.99 
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GCL-3062 N Icing Platform Add-on Kit : N Scale : Available

Use with Icing Platform (3061, sold separately) to build a longer structure. Kit includes 62 laser-cut pieces; 16 laser-cut bent assemblies with easy assembly sway detailing; etched deck with ice cart wheel tracks; three laser-cut ladders and end railing detail
  • Retail Price: $26.99 
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GCL-311 N Lou's Drive-In Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-311 N Lou's Drive-In Kit

Footprint: 2-3/16 x 6-1/2 x 1-3/8"
An American classic! Typical of drive-ins from the late 50s and early 60s, some of these buildings are still used by other types of businesses today. Kit includes 74 laser-cut parts printed signs; roof vent assembly; two seating assemblies; meter socket and piping at rear; roof jig system with precut holes for lighting and interior walls.

  • Retail Price: $34.99 
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GCL-312 N Silos 2-pack Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-312 N Silos 2-pack Kit

Footprint: 2 x 1-11/16 x 4-7/16"
Keep your livestock fed year 'round with this neat structure on your farm. Each consists of 16 laser-cut pieces, including the dryer house. A ladder with enclosure, assembly jig and one-piece conical roof are all included.

  • Retail Price: $25.99 
  • Current Price: $20.80 
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GCL-346 N Farm House Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-346 N Farm House Kit

Footprint: 3 x 2-7/8 x 2-1/2"

  • Retail Price: $34.99 
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GCL-418 N Covered Bridge Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-418 N Covered Bridge Kit

Footprint: 8-3/4 x 2-5/32 x 1-7/16

A reminder of long-ago days, this handsome model adds a neat detail to rural scenes. Perfect for period layouts or as a restored structure in a modern setting, the kit is fully detailed inside and out. Laser-etched decking, railings, walls and roof sections, along with joists with phosphor-bronze guy wires are all included. Includes 68 laser-cut parts.

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GCL-4202 County Co-Op w/o Office Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-4202 County Co-Op w/o Office Kit
Footprint: 2-5/16 x 1-5/16 x 2-7/16"
  • Retail Price: $49.99 
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GCL-4282 Partially Built Barn Kit : N Scale : Available

GCL-4282 Partially Built Barn Kit

Footprint: 3-7/8 x 2-1/2 x 2-15/16"

Bring back the days of old-fashioned barn raisings when everyone in the community pitched to help new settlers get started. The tradition of these one or two day events continues on in some parts of the U.S. and rural Canada. Kit includes laser-cut parts and complete instructions.

  • Retail Price: $89.99 
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