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YYC-BF03 Barbed Wire Fencing : N Scale : Available

YYC-BF03 Barbed Wire Fencing

 Looks like the real McCoy, doesn't it? These 10 sections of barbed wire fence (3 gates and a cattle guard are included) will spark up any farm or wilderness scene. You've got to have this one 

A grand 400 scale feet of fence (in 10 sections) including authentic cattle guard. Also included is a drive through gate and 2 walk through gates. Extra fence posts for that special detailing you will want with this quality etched brass kit (Simple instructions included - Little assembly needed).

This detailed N-Scale Barbed Wire Fence Kit is easy to install and will add that extra touch to your layout. These realistic sections of fence can easily be glued together and contoured to your layout. The cattle guard and gates can be placed between any of the sections of this quality fencing.

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YYC-FLT05 Fire Lookout Tower : N Scale : Available

YYC-FLT05 Fire Lookout Tower



Don't let a fire burn down your forest.
Be on the lookout with this realistic fire tower. It stands 4" tall which is 55 feet high in the real world. Detailed instructions with photographs make your assembly of this kit a rewarding experience.

You can monitor the stormy wind speed with the anemometer while feeling protected by the lightening rod atop the tower. If your fire tower is lucky enough to have either a generator or electricity, you may hook your television up to the TV antenna supplied. Paint Schemes: This versatile kit can simulate a wood or metal tower. Be creative. You are the design architect.

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YYC-SB02 Sawdust Burner : N Scale : Available

YYC-SB02 Sawdust Burner


"... and I marvel at the ability of someone to sit down and calculate the required angles and dimensions to make a flat part fold up into this complex cone shape." Model Railroad News ( go to article)

Great present for any model train enthusiast
A towering 42 feet tall to scale complete with catwalk with guardrails and ladder. Clean-out doors swing open wide and close tightly. Kit includes realistic sawdust feed conveyer belts. This quality etched brass kit is, we think, the very finest anywhere. (Simple instructions included)
See the kit
A MUST for any setup
This 3 5/16 " detailed N-Scale Sawmill Sawdust Burner Kit was modeled after the 42 foot high Davidson Industries Burner located between Florence and Mapleton Oregon on Hwy 126. Due to the many different sizes and shapes of burners throughout the US and Canada this kit can be adapted to any layout in N, TT, and HO scales. The catwalk and hand rails may be omited for a completely different look and a blow pipe may be substituted for the conveyors.
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YYC-WM01 Windmill : N Scale : Available

YYC-WM01 Windmill

"The Rural Windmill kit has a lot going for it. I would strongly recommend this to the modeler who has never attempted to work in etched brass, as it has all the right stuff for success.

Great present for any model
            train enthusiast N-scale windmill kit

Actual height is 3 3/4 inches. In the N-scale world this is a full blown 50 foot windmill with a 12 foot fan. Yes, head and tail are both fully adjustable. Intricacy and durability make this one of, if not the, finest windmills offered anywhere. (Simple instructions included).


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