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Blair-079 Shotgun House Kit  N Scale  Available

Blair-079 Shotgun House Kit
Retail Price: $18.95
Current Price: $15.16

Product details

Shotgun House Kit - Shotgun houses were the "row house" of the South but were also found in most other parts of the USA too. This house would also make an excellent company house.

The "row house" of the South and Appalachia, this style of house was also found in many other parts of the USA. This kit that will also make an excellent company house or down-by-the-tracks type house. Where you found one shotgun house you usually found several side-by-side. These structures were typically one room wide and two or more rooms deep with the main entry on the gable end of the house. The name "shotgun house" comes from the fact you could open the front and back doors and fire a shotgun through the house without hitting any walls. Elvis was raised in one too!

Kit features laser-cut walls, doors, windows, floor, and sub-roof. Cast metal chimney. Also includes laser-cut peel-n-stick trim and roofing for easy assembly. Designed to be built with or without the back porch addition.

N scale kit dimensions: 1.00" x 3.00"