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WOT-HO PC-90 Piggy-Packer Description : HO Scale : 

Model Features & Options

  1. Positional boom rises, lowers and holds in place.
  2. Far side arm rotates up to clear top of trailer or container
  3. Near side arm extends and retracts in two positions **
  4. Powerful magnets located under lift for "top" lifting of containers
  5. Thin-wall cab design
  6. Steering wheel and mock-up control panel **
  7. Amber clear warning light (non-working)
  8. Scaled diameter railings and see-through walkway
  9. Weighted to prevent tipping of tractor when lifting a trailer
  10. Rubber tires
  11. Optional bumper depending on prototype
  12. Optional catwalk over right front tire, depending on prototype
  13. Optional railing and ladder on lift, depending on prototype
  14. Optional container-only spreader available separately and put into place
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WOT-HO PC-90 Piggy-Packer 11-2012 Release : HO Scale : Coming Summer 2013

Announced November 19th 2012

Best Price Deadline is January 29th

ETA is Summer 2013

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