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TWX-FVM-Woodpacker Description  N Scale 

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Wig-Wag Prototype Note: These were not DRGW exclusive cars. As can be seen below, some if not all had Return to instructions directing the empty car be returned off line on to the SP. Handling lumber, these cars could go all over the country.

This is the Fox Valley Models 5283 double door box car with Trainworx etched metal waffling. Models will come ready
to run with Micro-Trains body mounted couplers and Fox Valley Models metal wheel sets.

Wig-Wag Modeling Note: This is a joint project using the FVM car and applying details from Trainworx. Please support them in this endeavor so future projects can happen. If you are wondering about the pricing which might seem a bit of a jump, it is clearly understandable when you consider how much work it is to apply each of those little waffle dimples and then fill them with syrup without a single drop.

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