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MTL-Z Heinz Reefer Series : Z Scale : Sept 2017

MTL-Z Heinz Reefer Series

Micro-Trains is excited to announce our newest series; the HEINZ Reefer Series! This twelve month series will consist of twelve prototypically accurate HEINZ wood reefer cars.

The H. J. Heinz Company, more commonly known as simply HEINZ, is an American food processing company that was founded by Henry John Heinz in 1869. With humble beginnings, Henry and friend Clarence Noble, began manufacturing horseradish in his father’s basement. The company would later expand to include tomato ketchup in 1875 and eventually over 60 food products by the mid-1890’s. HEINZ introduced its “57 Varieties” slogan in 1896 which was included on many of their very colorful billboard reefer cars. By 1919 the company had grown to over 6,000 employees and 25 factories and relied heavily on their fleet of over 700 railroad cars to transport their food products across the country

Order by April 28th 2017 to ensure availability of the first car - Coming September 2017

  • Retail Price: $28.95 
  • Current Price: $20.85 
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MTL-994 01 190 Z SP Passenger Car 4-pk : Z Scale : Jul 2017

MTL-994 01 190 Z SP Passenger Car 4-pk

Set includes Sleeper, Coach, Coach, and Baggage.

Order by January 29th 2017 for Best Price and Availability - Coming July 2017

  • Retail Price: $119.95 
  • Current Price: $95.96 
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MTL-GNC-Z Z Great Northern Circus Series : Z Scale : Feb 2017

MTL-GNC-Z Z Great Northern Circus Series

This series will feature 10 prototypical 40’ boxcars that were decorated by Great Northern with experimental paint schemes in 1956. The cars were put into service in the GN system and some schemes were approved for future use. Due to some of the bright and gaudy schemes, this experimental group of cars were dubbed the ‘Circus Cars’.

Order by October 29th 2017 to ensure availability of first car - Starting February 2017.

  • Retail Price: $25.95 
  • Current Price: $18.69 
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