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MTL-993 01 760 TTX 70' Husky Stack Well Cars 16-pack  N Scale  Jan 2019

MTL-993 01 760 TTX 70' Husky Stack Well Cars 16-pack
Retail Price: $399.95
Current Price: $319.96

Product details

Since the early 1990s, 70’ Husky Stack intermodal well cars have been found in long unit trains on every major Class 1 railroad from coast to coast. These cars can each carry up to two containers, the bottom well position holding a 48’ container and the top holding containers up to 53’ in length. These sets are available in either pristine unweathered well cars or weathered cars with intermittent graffiti. Both sets will have unique road numbers. 

Order by July 29th 2018 to ensure availability and Best Price - Coming January 2019