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KAT-176-9241 BNSF/Maersk EMD SDP40F Locomotive  N Scale  Available

KAT-176-9241 BNSF/Maersk EMD SDP40F Locomotive
Retail Price: $125.00
Current Price: $106.25

Product details

BNSF/Maersk - Road #: 6976 - EMD SDP40F Type IVb Locomotive

Announced July 13th 2016
Best Price Deadline is August 12th 2016
ETA is December 2016

Kato will be doing a new run of the N scale SDP40F locomotive in its "freight" form - these locomotives enjoyed a solid decade and a half of service after they were phased out of use by Amtrak, mostly by the Santa Fe in freight operation. As part of this transition they had many modifications; the steam generators were removed, notches were cut into the nose to allow easier access to the front deck plate while the deck was surrounded by a protective railing, the horns were shifted further back to make it easier for the engineers, and additional roof antenna equipment was added. This release will have two different body variations of this late "freight" appearance, appropriate for both the Santa Fe and BNSF Maersk paint schemes! The Maersk unit will have its prototypical "covered" nose section with the headlights over the cab, while the Santa Fe will have the cab headlights covered with the nose exposed and also have a roof mounted A/C unit!