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KAT-24-216 Joggers & Dogs : N Scale : Available

KAT-24-216 Joggers & Dogs
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KAT-24-270 Yard Crew : N Scale : Available

KAT-24-270 Yard Crew

Railroad Personnel: Yard Crew Day/Night -- 1950's to Present, Includes: 2 Locomotive Engineers & 4 Crew Members

Railroads are operated by people, for people. The presence of human figures adds the element of "life" to any railroading scene.

All new, and based on American prototypes (hard at work in our own offices), Kato offers a six-man yard crew, appropriate for any time period late 50's until modern! The set includes:

  1. (2) locomotive engineers sitting (engineer with hand on throttle and the other engineer with hand on brake and throttle)
  2. (4) crew (two brakemen with white shirts giving hand signals, and one conductor with a lantern, and one conductor with a rule book)
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